Walt Disney Executive, Bob Lambert Dies At 55

Reuters reports that Walt Disney executive, Bob Lambert passed away at 55 years on Friday. His family told the press that the digital media pioneer, died in his Glendale home, but the cause of death hasn’t been revealed.

Bob Lambert, the executive who introduced digital media in the Walt Disney Company, was declared dead on Friday, at 55 years old. His demise was announced on Tuesday, but the family prefers to be discreet. They did not communicate any information except for the fact that the death occurred in his Glendale residence.

Bob Lambert was known particularly for the efforts he made to digitalize the productions signed by the Walt Disney Company. He worked in the entertainment firm for almost 25 years and managed to make many connections in the industry. Thanks to him, Walt Disney improved the way movies were projected on the big screen.

Until 2010, he occupied the position of Disney’s senior executive. He supervised various types of projects from television, to movies, to e-commerce and gaming during this period of time. From 2010, he became the senior technology executive taking care of all the activities related to strategic planning, intellectual property, patent strategy, standards and regulatory issues, as well as talent recruitment.

Being a senior executive at the Walt Disney company was not enough for Lambert. As a result, he founded the six-consortium studio, DCI, LLC because he wanted movie theaters to use digital exhibition instead of film projectors. He, thus, managed to introduce a set of uniformed standards for theaters using digital projection. The entire digital media is grateful to Bob Lambert for creating a program which facilitated digital projection. The software designed by Pixar presupposed the replacement of cell animation with CGI production.

Motion Picture Association of America CEO, Chris Dodd, was the first to release a statement in relation to Bob Lambert’s demise. He wrote that he was deeply saddened to hear that his friend and colleague passed away. He reminded everyone that modern cinema would not be the same without the transition that Lambert made from celluloid film to digital.


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