Walmart Employees Plan Walkout On Black Friday

While they are making huge efforts to attract customers with their early Black Friday deals, Walmart didn’t do much to please their employees. The latter plan to hold a walkout on Black Friday to give voice to their discontents, Fox News relates.

Walmart has always been one of the most appreciated retailers in the United States. Not according to the people who work there, however. Employees decided to boycott this year’s Black Friday by organizing a protest against the small wages and poor working conditions they are offered.

Rosetta Brown, one of the protest organizers, was very excited that the number of protesters has increased this year. She believes their initiative is supported by everyone, including those who will not be able to join the protest on Black Friday.

Walmart spokesperson, Kory Lundberg claims that the protests are clear examples of unfair competition. She put forward the hypothesis according to which the protests represent a publicity campaign aimed at damaging Walmart’s reputation. Customers and associates will no longer take into consideration Walmart’s deals if the protests continue, the spokesperson explained. She further blamed the United Food and Commercial Workers Union for the organization of the protests.

Numerous Walmart stores in Chicago and 43 other states will be assaulted by protesters on Thanksgiving Day. The message they are all trying to convey: workers need better pay and benefits. Black Friday was chosen as the perfect day for the Walmart walkout because employees are constrained to work 24 hours during this time of the year without any benefits.

While some employees are unsatisfied with the working conditions that the company offers, others don’t seem to have a problem with Walmart’s administration. Optimistic workers were, in fact, glad to work during Thanksgiving Day because it will be easier for them to deal with the large masses of customers. In spite of all the protests and debates, many shoppers plan to visit Walmart on Thanksgiving Day because they can sleep in on Friday.

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