“Walking Dead” returns for a second season

Last Sunday, the series “Walking Dead” returned on TV for its second season. The start off extended episode proved to remain true to the essence of the show, even though its original creator, Frank Darabont, left at the beginning of this year. Season two starts off with the disappearance of Carol’s daughter, Sophia, and the tragic death of Rick’s son, Carl.

The show co-produced by Robert Kirkman and based of his comic books, has its second season ran by Glen Mazarra who promised the fans that this change wont stir the show away from its true spirit.

The opening scene presents Rick’s announcement to leave Atlanta alongside the other survivors and head to Ft. Benning, hoping as such to put the recent CDC experience behind them. He comes close to actually revealing what Jenner had whispered to him in the last episode of the previous season. The caravan, having Rick driving Lori, Carl, Carol and Sophia and Dale – Andrea and Shane, comes to a halt when it reaches a section of the road overtaken by abandoned cars.

A blown up RV hose forces the group to stop in plain sight. Dale gives Glenn a mechanics lesson while the others look around for anything useful: clothes, food, water, fuel. Doesn’t take long before the walkers arrive driving them inside the vehicles for shelter. Andrea is the only one hiding alone in the RV and finds refuge in the bathroom, where she is cornered by one of the walkers who starts clawing manically at the door. Andrea saves herself at the aid of a screwdriver passed over by Dale through the RV roof top which she uses to stab the walker repeatedly.

T-Dog is almost caught as well, but manages to escape the walker attacks when he hides under some corpses. Sophia gets in trouble as well when she rushes out of her hiding place too fast and attracts the attention of a walker. She starts running through the woods when Rick catches up with her, finds a hiding place and advises her to stay hidden while he gets the walkers away then run back the way they came. Even though she appears to be listening immediately after Rick is gone she stands up and runs away.

Neither Dale, not Rick manage to find the girl and return to camp empty handed, planning to go on a more organized search at dawn. The following morning they find a tent with a body in it, then hear church bells ringing. The sound turns out to be a mere recording and Sophia is still nowhere to be found.

Daryl takes the others back to camp, while Rick, Shane and Carl stay back to continue the search. They find a deer in the woods which Carl approaches quietly when a shot comes out of nowhere and takes out both the deer and Carl, in front of his father’s desperate yet powerless eyes.

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  1. This show just keeps getting better and better. I particularly liked how it felt like no time had passed at all since the last season. The previews for the next episodes look awesome too.

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