Wait… What? Liz Lemon Is Getting Married

Let’s not forget that Tina Fey is creator and producer of the NBC comedy “30 Rock” that features…well, her. She played us for so many seasons that Liz Lemon will remain an old lady with cats living in her house. But, guess what? Liz Lemon is getting married…and we’re all invited.

“30 Rock” is close the grand finale and from the looks of it they’re pushing for a happy ending. Didn’t see that coming. Liz Lemon is getting married in the episode of “30 Rock” set to air November 29. The lucky guy? Well, obviously it is James Marsden aka Criss Chross. You know, that guy whose name spells “h” in all the wrong places.

We’d be normally teased with an episode preview, but so far NBC hasn’t released one. We can basically look for the hints in the season premiere this Thursday at 8 p.m. EST but it would have been much more shocking if we weren’t told ahead. That was the thing about this show, all the craziness and lack of logic that seemed to be running the place.

All we get about Liz Lemon’s wedding to Criss Chross is that it’s not going to be “in a creepy way that perpetuates the idea that brides are virgins and women are property”. This Tina Fey just can’t let this one slip and let her character have it all, at least for several minutes. Liz Lemon has always been the hard-working bachelorette that gets under the radar of all the wrong guys. Hectic, anxious, clumsy and too innocent for her own good, Liz Lemon is the kind of underdog one grows to care for.

Anyway Criss Chross seemed to be the one that got to Liz Lemon’s loving side, despite Donaghy’s constant disapproval. “Lemon, I have said ‘Good God’ to you before, but I don’t think I’ve ever MEANT it until now: Good God!!!” Donaghy said of Criss even before actually meeting him. But Liz Lemon thinks differently: “I’m more relaxed around him. My jaws stopped popping. And for once I’m not overthinking everything”.

So come to Liz Lemon’s wedding, just “bring your own snacks” and don’t overthink it: “Whatever. It’s no big whoop” the invite reads.

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