Waffle House CEO Investigated For Sexual Harassment

Based on a recent report published by Fox News, Waffle House CEO, Joe W. Rogers Jr. is currently being investigated for sexual harassment after one of his former employees’ accused him of forcing her to have sex with him. The executive claims the woman is only trying to blackmail him and he refuses to become a victim of extortion.

Joe W. Rogers Jr. has always had a good reputation as the chief executive of the restaurant chain Waffle House. The recent accusations, however, that were brought against him by a former employee might have irrevocably stained his name. The woman filed a complaint at the Atlanta Police Department stating that Rogers forced her to have sex with him in order to maintain her job.

According to the former employee, the sexual harassment went on for more than 10 years, from 2003 until June 2012. She tried to protest against Rogers’ demands, but she desperately needed her job, so she agreed to have sex with him.

Rogers, on the other hand, claims the woman is not telling the truth. He acknowledged the fact that she used to be his housekeeper for the past ten years, but denied all the accusations that she brought against him.

According to his statement, in the past eight years, Rogers went from being single to being separated and eventually re-married to his current wife. He admitted that during this period of time he had infrequent intercourses with his former housekeeper, but they all took place with the woman’s consent.

As a matter of fact, she left her job as a housekeeper in 2008 and was rehired later on as the manager of the house until last June when she quit her job. Soon after her departure, the woman sent Rogers a letter informing him of all the accusations that she plans to bring against him in court. Rogers and his legal representative have not been intimidated by the woman’s allegations. They claim they have enough evidence to support their case and prove that the former housekeeper is only trying to get millions of dollars from her employer.

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