Wade Davis: What It’s Like Being A Gay NFL Player

For a long time in football, being gay has been highly controversial. It’s not that NFL players would have a problem having a gay person in their locker, but the media would definitely change the public perception. Wade Davis had a similar take in an interview with CNN where he talked about what it’s like being a gay NFL player.

Wade Davis played as defensive back for the Washington Redskins, Tennessee Titans and Seattle Seahawks. About seven years ago, Wade Davis had his last game in the NFL, when he decided it was time to retire. During the last few years, Wade Davis came out of the closet and has turned his life towards a whole new destination, one he surely would not have imagined a few decades ago.

In a feature story by Outsports, earlier this week, the former NFL defensive back presented his life and officially came out of the closet. Wade Davis said it was not very easy to keep it a secret and during his career in the NFL he often felt “very, very lonely” because of it.

In the CNN interview, the 34-year-old defensive back explained he didn’t decide to come out of the closet during his NFL career because it wasn’t what he wanted to be known for. “I don’t believe most NFL players have a problem with having a gay teammate. I do get the feeling they have to protect who they are” explained Davis.

He went on reminding people that at the end of the day, playing football is a job like any other, “so all of these players have to make sure they’re in a certain type of light”. However, Wade Davis added that if he could it all over again, he would come out while he was playing. He thinks his coming out of the closet while he was still playing would have had tremendous impact.

“And it can change the lives of so many youth with bullying that’s going on and with this youth just not having a sense of family” explained Wade Davis. But he’s now working exactly on that. His current job is according to him “the greatest” he ever had. Wade Davis is now employed with the Hetrick-Martin Institute, where he helps gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons find a job in NYC.

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