Volkswagen Recalls Tiguan SUVs for Fuel System Problem

Volkswagen has just entered the list of famous automakers who are recalling some of their vehicles. The automaker announced the recall of Tiguan cars for a fuel system problem. 

Volkswagen announced that they will recall no less than 189,490 Tiguan sport-utility vehicles. This includes car models from 2009 to 2014. It seems that the problem that Volkswagen found in these cars is actually linked to an issue in the fuel system. However, Tiguan cars are not the only vehicles that Volkswagen plans on recalling at this point. 

The popular car maker revealed that they will also recall 18,526 Rountans, the vehicles dating back to 2009. Apparently, these cars have a problem with the ignition switch. The recalls were announced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Volkswagen’s recall on ignition switches problem comes after GM has been linked to a huge scandal on this issues in its vehicles. 

General Motors has actually been accused of knowing about the ignition switches problem in its cars for years and failing to react to have the vehicles repaired in time. This problem has led to 13 deaths and numerous accidents. The issue with the ignition switch makes the engine shut off in certain conditions. According to Volkswagen, there were no accidents or injuries reported on this problem, until now. 

Naturally, Volkswagen will take care of the repairs. Owners will be notified on the recall as fast as possible. Dealers will be in charge with the update that had to be made in these cars. The repairs will be made free of charge. Volkswagen seems to be very careful at the safety of its drivers. The recall is expected to start on August 19, 2014. 

Until the recall will start, owners are advised to remove all items from the key rings and leave only the ignition key. The loss of functionality linked to this problem can easily increase the risk of an accident and of severe injury. Luckily, no such cases have been reported so far. Volkswagen will instruct owners how to have the issue fixed at dealers. 

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