Volkswagen Recalls 270,000 Cars in China

Volkswagen has announced the recall of an impressive number of cars. The famous car maker revealed that they will be recalling no less than 270,000 vehicles in China, to fix airbags. Apparently, the popular automaker discovered a software problem that might prevent the air bags from activating properly. 

Of course, this is a severe safety issue, which needs to be addressed as fast as possible. The recall was announced on Wednesday. Naturally, in the event of an accident, drivers and passengers can get seriously injured due to this issue. It has been revealed that this recall includes no less than 265,943 Audi A4L cars. These vehicles were made in China. It also includes 4,692 imported Audi A4 cars. 

The Administration for Quality Inspection revealed that in a collision, the defect can cause the front air bags to fail to open and this can definitely lead to severe injuries or even the death of the passengers. The name of the maker of these air bags has not been revealed at this point, so there is no word on who is responsible with the defect. 

This is not the first recall this year linked to a defect when it comes to the airbags. Actually, Takata Corp. has been in the middle of a scandal, as no less than 12 million vehicles using these air bags have been recalled from the market. It has been revealed that certain airbags created by Takata Corp. can explode due to a defect. Naturally, this can lead to severe injuries. 

What had people to say about this new recall? Well, it seems that Chinese owners are extremely unhappy with the issue of this recall. Well, this is not the only recall announced this week. In fact, many car makers have traced various problems in their vehicles, which made them decide to issue recalls. One of them is Ford, who revealed that they plan on recalling no less than 205,000 cars for fuel tank leaks. In this recall there are included vehicles from the 2007 and 2008 year models, including the Ford Edge and the Lincoln MKX.

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