Vogue Paris presents 10-year old girl in sexy photo shoot

Vogue Paris has taken a risky step into the fashion photo shooting by presenting a 10-year-old girl posing with a sexy attitude. The girl, the daughter of a reporter turned fashion designer and a soccer star is photographed in fur, high heels, applying lipstick and giving a seductive look to the camera.

The Vogue Paris photos show the 10-year-old French model Thylane Loubry Blondeau in sensual photos that make the onlookers uncomfortable. In one, Blondeau wears a golden dress with a low cleavage, golden high heels and a smoky-eyed-make-up. She poses seductively on an animal print leather bed, petting two fluffy bunnies.  In another photo she lays on her belly, wearing a sexy red and white dress and sparkling long earrings, red nail polish, a fashionable ankle oversized bracelet and again, high heels. Anyone who sees the photos can notice the gigantic difference from what her age is and what the make up is trying to make her look like.

“This is clearly child exploitation and her parents should be legally charged”, the CEO of Concerned Women for America, Penny Nance, said. Thylane, the daughter of fashion designer Veronika Loubry and soccer player Patrick Blondeau was not the only child model in the photo shooting. But in comparison to the other girls, her photos were clearly more seductive and attracted the criticism of several organizations and those of the media. Koa Beck, deputy editor of explained that the photos depict a sexualized child, encouraging the readers to see her as a sexual being at such a young age. “I think that I’m seeing a very young girl being sexualized, being gazed at in a very adult way.”

The American Psychological Association stated through Shari Miles-Cohen that children should not be forced to grow up that fast. “We want them to be able to develop physically, emotionally, psychologically and socially at appropriate rates for their age,” she concluded.

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  1. I am appalled at this. It is disgusting, one step away from being “kiddy porn” I think her parents must be out of their minds allowing their vulnerable daughter to be exploited in such a degrading way and given the opportunity I would see them lose custody. This is obviously a gross misuse of their parental consent. Today photographs tomorrow prostitution!!!

  2. This is another example of a society pushing the limit to make money. That fashion company doesnt give a hoot about your feelings about explotation of a child. They are about the bottom line, profit! Its been going on for centuries. Is it right? I can’t be the judge. Mom and dads out there get to know your kids, talk to them, and know what your kids are doing or someone else will.Scary.

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