Vivica A. Fox Wants To Be a Mom

Actress Vivica A. Fox may be influenced by the new bump trend at Hollywood. In an interview to Access Hollywood Live, she stated that she wants to start her own family and she can’t wait to be a mom.

After getting engaged, just the day after Christmas in 2010, Vivica A. Fox in planning on moving to Atlanta and start a family with the man of her dreams. If you haven’t already heard, her fiancée is 20 years younger than her. Slim, 27, gave Vivica, 47,  an 8 carat diamond ring. They are planning on having the wedding ceremony late this fall or at the beginning of next year. So, as Vivica herself said ““this cougar’s off the market!”. She confessed that she wasn’t expecting this to happen, and she wasn’t particularly searching for a man that she would marry. “It just happened. I don’t know why … It happened!”

Omar Slim White is from Atlanta and he is club promoter. “He’s a sweetheart. He’s a southern gentleman. It was almost love at first sight.” says the host of “Jerseylicious” reunion special. Then she talked about how they met. After being single for three years, they met when he hired her for a photo shooting. Then he invited her to his club and asked for her number. She said no. But after that, about four days later, she asked him for his phone number. And they have been inseparable ever since. Now she is spending a lot of time in Atlanta.
“We are definitely planning on having a home in Atlanta” Vivica says and confessed that her wish at the moment is to start a family. “I need to, my clock’s ticking really bad”. She says that she is planning on having a baby really soon.  

Asked by the  TV show hosts if she ever had to fight over a man with one of her girl friends she nodded her head: “I don’t fight over men. If you gotta fight your girlfriend over a guy, that’s just bad news, anyway.”

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