Vinessa Shaw Shares Whether She’s Returning for the Sequel: ‘It Would Be So Much Fun’

Another wonderful day! Twenty-eight-years after Hocus Pocus was released, the film’s star Vinessa Shaw has cherished looking back on her role as a child in the film and thought of sequel ideas.

“I haven’t heard anything,” the Blazing World actress, who is 45 spoke to Entertainment Tonight on Friday, October 15, of the upcoming Hocus Pocus 2 sequel. “I am so disappointing to hear this. I’d love to see the sequel. It would be a lot of enjoyable. It seems like there’s an entirely different storyline for younger generations, but why shouldn’t we all be able to return somehow?”

The first film, written and directed by Kenny Ortega, followed teenaged Max (played by Omri Katz) as the teen accidentally awakened the three witches when his family relocated from Salem, Massachusetts. After Max’s arrival in the town and his first encounter with local Allison who would later become his girlfriend.

It’s a good thing that the California native also spoke out about the direction that she believed Allison’s career was going: “I feel like she and Max are still in love However, I think that Allison’s from Salem and he’s always wanted to remain there in California. I think they made an arrangement that was a compromise. And perhaps she’s still staying in Salem when the witches are back, like visiting her mother or something.”

Shaw continues to say that her first filming experience an “dream come true.”

“It basically was everything I could have dreamed of in a movie like that and especially I also watched The Wizard of Oz over and over again as like a basically five and 6-year-old,” she spoke to ET. “So it was an updated adaptation of The Wizard of Oz for me. It’s one of my top projects I’ve ever worked on.”

After years of fan-generated speculation, Disney+ confirmed in May that an adaptation of the classic Halloween film was in development and would feature the return of Bette Midler (Winifred), Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah) and Kathy Najimy (Mary). The movie is set for release in 2022 on the streaming platformand produced by Anne Fletcher.

According to the official description of the upcoming film, “Three young women accidentally bring the Sanderson sisters back to modern-day Salem and must figure out how to stop the child-hungry witches from wreaking a new kind of havoc on the world.”

Shaw was previously in the role of Midler 75, Parker, 56, Najimy 64 Katz 45 and Thora Birch on the Disney iconic film. Following the huge great success in the film of 1993 the group has expressed their desire to make another film.

Hocus Pocus' Vinessa Shaw Says She's Coming Back for the Sequel It'd Be A Lot of Fun'
Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler, and Kathy Najimy in ‘Hocus Pocus.’ Disney/Kobal/Shutterstock

“I heard that it’s going to be fabulous,” the Beaches star revealed exclusively to DailyGossip in October of this year. “I hope they hire me because I want to fly again in the worst way.”

One year more later one year later, one year later, the And Just Like That star revealed that the actresses wanted to reprise their roles as the evil sisters again.

“I think that it’s something that Bette and Kathy and I are … very hospitable to the idea,” the Ohio native shared with host Bruce Bozz on Sirius XM’s Quarantined with Bruce in May of 2020. “I think for a long time, people were talking about it as if people were moving forward with it in a real way but we were unaware of it.”

Parker said in the interview, “I think now we’ve got to the point that we’ve all have publicly endorsed the right people, saying”Yes! This is a really enjoyable idea. We’ll wait and see. We’ll be watching to see what the future holds.”

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