Vine App Makes It on Android

Vine App has finally arrived on Android after months of expectation. The program enables owners of Android-based smartphones to create short clips that they can immediately share with their online friends using the Vine community, USA Today informs.

Vine App started as a small program that didn’t seem to draw many users’ attention. The tables seem to have turned in the past months as the app has managed to gather a staggering number of 13 million users. Given the increasing interest that Internet users have shown towards the app, Google did everything they could to endow their operating system, Android, with a Vine App.

Their plan came true as the software company communicated on early Tuesday that customers will now be able to use the program to create their own video files. According to the two companies, the program allows users to create 7-second videos that they can share on the Internet.

The official announcement was accompanied by a Vine video containing the symbols of the two companies. The clip shows the world-renowned Android mascot hanging from one jungle creeper to another. The animated clip ends with Vine’s symbol and the conclusion “Joined” uttered in a robot-like voice.

The app has been available on iOS-based devices for a long period of time; therefore, Android users were glad they could finally enjoy the same services as the rest of the users. The companies further revealed that the app has more or less the same features as the iOS version, but there could be some additional options, as well. In fact, Vine users can now zoom videos as opposed to the iOS version, where this option was not available. In addition, the app will soon be provided with front-facing camera support and Facebook sharing, according to the declaration of the two companies.

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