Vincent Jackson Signs 8 Figure Contract With The Buccaneers

When everything in your game strategy fails to deliver results, it becomes clear that you need a top player to boost up the game. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are making a huge bet that Vincent Jackson has what it takes to spur up their passing game. Receiver Vincent Jackson just signed a five year 8 figure contract with the Buccaneers.

At the moment there are many saying that receiver Vincent Jackson is one of the best top players. Age 29, Vincent Jackson won the Pro Bowler two times and scored 36 receptions over the past four seasons. Ranking 10th in the league, his 18 yards per reception average has placed him among the best in the field.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers threw an 8 figure contract at Vincent Jackson. To be more precise, the receiver will get $55.555 million for the following five years. According to Vincent Jackson’s agent, Jonathan Feinsod in the first two years of contract the receiver will get $26 million.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers players are thrilled to have Vincent Jackson as their team mate. Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy welcomed his new team mate over Twitter. McCoy wrote: “Very happy to have Vincent Jackson as a teammate. Great addition to our young explosive offense. Big target for my man Freeman”.

The truth is that the newcomer is expected to do a lot. As ESPN Stats & Information points out, Vincent Jackson’s performance was more effective than the whole Tampa Bay team during the last season. Jackson had 12 catches for 451 yards on at least 21 yards, with five touchdowns. Meanwhile, the receiving corps with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers managed together only 14 catches for 459 yards and scored only four touchdowns.

The Chargers got receiver Robert Meachem from New Orleans Saints to replace Vincent Jackson. Marques Colston was give another five year contract allegedly worth $40 million.

But Vincent Jackson wasn’t the only one to get such a good offer. Chicago Bears successfully traded with the Miami Dolphins to have Brandon Marshall and they also got quarterback Jason Campbell for a one year contract. However, their aim is to pursue Manning to sign a contract with them. Meanwhile, Manning has a meeting scheduled for today with the Tennessee Titans.

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