Vikings part ways with McNabb

Based on a recent report published by the Associated Press, the Minnesota Vikings decided to part ways with the veteran quarterback Donovan McNabb. This decision gives McNabb the possibility to sign contract with another team during the short run.

The Vikings announced their decision to waive the veteran quarterback on Thursday afternoon. Sports analysts made various suppositions in relation to the team that will most likely put a waiver claim on the player. So far, the press has been speculating that Dallas Cowboys will claim the football player because they are missing a quarterback. Cowboys’ Jon Kitna is suffering from a back injury that is preventing him to play on the Sunday game against Arizona. Nevertheless, coach Jason Garrett said the Dallas team is not interested in McNabb.

Speaking about McNabb and Rosenfels, another QB released this Thursday, Garrett told the press that the two players had very good results in the last season. He then, recalled the numerous times when Dallas Cowboys barely made it to compete against Donovan and Sage. However, the Cowboys’ coach stated that the team prefers to stand pat and take a closer look at their quarterback situation instead of putting a waiver claim on one of the two players.

The Cowboys, however, have a lot of options to choose from. Chances are that the Dallas team will sign off a quarterback from another team’s practice squad roster. The best option would be Rudy Carpenter from Tampa Bay who entered the Cowboys’ practice squad in 2009, but he was taken by the Buccaneers.

The general manager of the Dallas team, Jerry Jones confessed on his weekly radio show that they never considered hiring Donovan. While he appreciates Donovan’s skills, Jones told listeners that he is planning to put a waiver claim on Stephen McGee. The reason: McNabb and McGee are both fast and mobile, but Stephen is more trustworthy in the manager’s opinion.

The next 24 hours will be critical for the veteran football player. The NFL has announced that Donovan must be waived in the following 24 hours; if not, the football player is free to sign contracts with any team he wants. In addition, he will receive $1.6 million to cover the remaining period on his contract.

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