Video Game Tester Jobs Review – How it Works?

What are the BAD things about Become a Game Tester?

Just like every other product and book I have ever reviewed, nothing is perfect and here are the flaws I noticed after reading Matthews guide:

  • Having read a lot of these before, there seems to be a lot of time spent on the resume’ preperation and interview process, which if you’re a younger reader I understand could be helpful, but for someone who has been through that process plenty, it was a little bit boring.
  • The process isn’t as easy as just making a phone call, eating Doritos in your underwear and collecting a paycheck. So if you think that this type of position is that good to be true…you’re mistaken. This will take some homework and you will need to follow the process. But of course with anything that pays in life you probably already knew this.

Visit the official website to Sign Up and Become a Game Tester

And how about the GOOD things about Become a Game Tester?

  • Although it can be a lot of information to take in, it has countless hours of researched work done for you and puts hundreds of gaming companies & all of their information right at your fingertips. Matthew has compiled an impressive list of 115 game companies from the U.S. and 154 video game companies from other countries around the world, and has provided locations and links to their websites so you can get started immediately. He also gives you a list of another 865 gaming and gaming item companies that you can apply at for a game tester job.
  • Some other good things about the program are all the real-world samples that you can mimic to save you a ton of time. The process is explained very well and covers both the up-sides and the down-sides of all things covered.
  • As far as I can see the guide covers about every angle you can think of. This truly seems like the “total package.” You’ll learn about writing resumes, cover letters, reviews, blogs, preparing for interviews, what to say, what not to say, the exact things that all gaming companies are looking for, video game review sites, free article submission sites, keyword generators and more.

So what does a video game tester do >>click here to learn more?

Its rather self-explanatory. You will just play video games and get paid while doing so! Your responsibility is to look out for glitches, review the game interface and deliberate over the colors and game settings and you need to describe the entire experience.

You need not worried how you are going to get started as Questionnaires’ and survey forms are usually given to the game tester to fill them up.

You will be privileged to earn between $300-$500 a week depending on how dedicated you will be, its not a millionaire check here, however, where else can you stand to earn money this easily? I urge you to pick up on this opportunity now at Gaming Jobs Online and start playing video games before they are released and get paid doing it!!

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