Victoria’s Secret Apologizes For Use Of Native-American Headdress

The famous lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret issued a statement on Monday apologizing for having used a Native-American headdress on their fashion show last week. The moment was severely criticized on the VS Facebook page, so the company agreed to remove the scene from their televised show, Reuters relates.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was not as well-received this year as it used to be in the previous editions. Organizers seem to have made one terrible mistake this year, namely, they have used a Native-American headdress during their presentation triggering millions of negative comments on behalf of customers.

The company’s Facebook page was assaulted this weekend with various messages related to the use of the war bonnet in a highly sexual context. Native American people were upset that Victoria’s Secret and other major companies borrow elements from their culture and use them without knowing what their implications are. Others, on the other hand, took sides with the lingerie brand in an attempt to calm spirits down.

On Monday, the spokesperson of the company posted a message on their Facebook account apologizing for any inconveniences they might have caused. The statement read that Victoria’s Secret is sorry for having upset individuals with the use of the headdress replica. They reassured customers and fans that they had no intentions of offending Native Americans during their show. As a matter of fact, the company agreed to remove the controversial item from its list of products, as well as marketing materials. The show, which will be broadcast on December 4, 2012 by CBS, will no longer feature a headdress.

Some customers continue to be upset with Victoria’s Secret, in spite of the company’s attempts to come to terms with its customers. They were expecting the brand to do a little more than just post a Facebook apology so people would avoid similar mistakes in the future.

Victoria’s Secret is not the only company that was involved in an interracial conflict this year. “No Doubt” was forced to remove their most recent video after fans criticized them for mocking the Native American culture.

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