Vic Gundotra Leaves Google after 8 Years

A quite shocking news in the world of tech was just announced. Vic Gundotra will depart from Google after no less than 8 years spent in this company. 

Until now there is no word on what are the plans that Vic Gundotra has for the future. The senior vice president of engineering at Google announced that he will be leaving the famous company effective immediately. Vic became well known as the head of Google’s social network, Google +. 

The departure of Vic Gundotra effectively immediately was extremely curious. The official announcement was made by Vic after about two days of rumors on this subject. Some rumors indicate that the reason why the man is leaving so fast is actually linked to certain problems that he might have with the management team of Google. 

The departure of Vic Gundotra was not well received by many. Even Larry Page praised the man who spent years at Google. In a Google + post, Page said that he can only thank Gundotra for building Google + “from nothing.”

“I really enjoy using Google+ on a daily basis, especially the auto awesome movies which I really love sharing with my family and friends,” the same post said. Everything that Gundotra achieved at Google was praised by Page. 

Vic Gundotra came at Google back in 2007. Actually, the man left Microsoft to join the tech giant. Gundotra spent no less than 16 years at Microsoft, where he served as a general manager. After the long period of time spent within the company, Gundotra decided to take some time off and work at certain charitable projects. 

Naturally, it remains unknown which are the plans that Gundotra currently has. Some rumors indicate that the fast departure from Google might actually be linked to the man’s decision to join a competitor company. Still, the next move from Gundotra remains unknown for now, so it is yet to discover what this famous specialist plans on doing. 

Google has already confirmed the fact that they have a replacer for Vic Gundotra at the helm of Google +. David Besbris will be the one in charge with the popular social networking site from now on. 

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