Vertu Launches Android-Based Smartphone

Vertu announced on Wednesday that the company is ready to take on the smartphone market by launching the most expensive Android-based phone existing so far. According to the Associated Press, the new Vertu Ti will cost £14,000 due to the fabrics that have been used for its creation.

Could the competition on the smartphone market become stronger than it is today? There is a possibility according to analysts working at the Associated Press whom have declared that the high-end mobile company, Vertu is preparing a luxurious smartphone for its clients. As with the previous phones produced by the company, the new Vertu Ti will be the most expensive Android smartphone on the market.

The price hasn’t been revealed yet because Vertu’s spokeswoman told the press that interested customers will have to contact their boutiques in order to get a correct estimation of the price. However, the costs will most likely be bigger than £14,000, even though GSMarena believes the price will start at €7900.

The technical specifications of the phone are not as advanced as the ones provided by rivaling companies, Apple and Samsung. The Vertu Ti has a 3.7 inch display with WVGA resolution. Its weight is rather small compared to other models; the phone has only 181-201 grams because it is made out of lightweight materials, such as brushed titanium, polished black ceramic and black leather.

The element that makes the difference according to the description provided by the company is the fact that the body of the smartphone is made out of 184 individual parts. The sky-high price of the smartphone is also justified by the fact that each unit has been built by a single craftsmen of the company in England. Grade 5 Titanium is the material that was selected for the production of the phone’s casings because it is a strong, yet light and elegant material. The company’s reps further added that the case of the smartphone is five times stronger than any other phone case available on the market.

Even though Vertu Ti was designed for wealthy customers, it is nevertheless an Android phone, so most of the apps and games in Google Play are free. It is not only the software that is promising, but also the rear and the front facing cameras, which have 8 and 1.3 megapixels, respectively. The 64 GB internal memory and the 7.2 hours of battery life are considerably better than any other characteristics available on other smartphones.

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