Vera Bradley fall collection is out

On Thursday Vera Bradley launched its bag collection for the fall, announcing that the products will be found now at Dillards stores. The company recently started collaboration with the store chain and its handbags will now be available in 35 Dillards around the country.

The spokesman for Vera Bradley announces the excitement regarding the partnership with the store chain and says: “Their core values are really in line with our core values, along with the brand positioning, and we’re excited that we are starting to be sold in Dillards Stores.”

Vera Bradley is known for the diversity and the hypnotic look of its bags. The collections include different shapes, sizes and many many colors. The bags are always new, leaving behind older designs and coming up with new ideas for every season. Vera Bradley is not popular only for the bags and purses, but also for the other accessories it offers. Its stores are a great choice if you want to buy a great pair of sunglasses, a chic wallet, jewelry boxes, napkins, placemats, rolling luggage and other accessories.

The Vera Bradley Company was founded by Patricia Miller and Barbara Bradley Baekgaard. The name, Vera Bradley is taken from Barbara’s mother. The concept was created by the two women in 1982. at the time, they observed the luggage bags had nothing in common with femininity. So they decided to design luggage that would fit the women’s tastes and necessities. They also created pouches and dividers, so the clothes and anything going into the bag stays organized.

Vera Bradley isn’t responding only to the necessities and tastes of adult women. The company seeks to fulfill the needs of the younger generation as well. The prices for the bags range from 16 dollars to 120 dollars. Also, if you hurry up, you will benefit the discounts and the special offers that come with the new collection.

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