Vatican’s news portal to be launched next week

Starting next week, the Vatican will have its own news portal, Associated Press reports.

If anyone said religion and technology won’t join hands ever, they were deadly wrong. Religion and spirituality have nothing against the technological development. On the contrary, one of the most spiritual icons has decided to make a step towards the modern days: the Vatican will now have its own news portal.

The Vatican officials released a statement on Saturday, saying that the portal’s address is And that the Pope himself has been following every step in the development of the news website.

The portal will be selecting, for the first time in the history of the internet, press releases and news from Vatican’s printed press, radio and TV.

The portal is not yet available. It will be launched on Wednesday, thus marking the 60th anniversary of Pope Benedict’s ordination as a priest. Monsignor Claudio Maria Celli, the head of the office which developed the portal, said that on Wednesday, Pope Benedict XVI himself may pot the website online, with one click from the Apostolic Palace.
As you enter the site, you can see the slogan “The Vatican Today” on a blue sky with bright clouds. If you scroll down, you can read the website will be launched June 29th.

“This is a new way of communicating” Celli said, hoping that the website will not only provide an easy access to the Vatican information to the outside world, but it will also improve the state’s internal communication. “I think that we must educate the Roman Curia of what is the real meaning of communication. Little by little they will perceive that this is the real meaning to be present, to have a relevance,” he stated.

The Vatican already has the necessary media to release news: Vatican Radio, the newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican Television Centre, the Vatican Press office and the Fides missionary agency. What the new portal will do is aggregate the main news from each of these media.

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