Vanessa Paradis: “Amber Heard Is A Man-Stealing Nobody”

Hollywood Life reports that things could heat up between Johnny Depp’s ex-partner, Vanessa Paradis and his new love Amber Heard. According to sources, the French singer called the young American actress “a man-stealing nobody” during a recent interview.

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis decided to part ways after 14 years together. Their separation was very quick and private, so people thought the former couple has overcome all their problems. Much to their surprise, Vanessa Paradis declared on Wednesday that she won’t let Amber Heard have the last word.

The French singer proved everyone that she can be mean when the case asks for it. She described Johnny Depp’s new love as “a man-stealing, two-bit nobody” proving that she still suffers after the separation. In fact, sources confirmed that the 39-year-old actress was devastated when the American actor decided to leave her. She blames everything on Amber and is determined not to let her get anywhere near the two children, Lily-Rose, 13, and Jack, 10. The 26-year-old actress did not release any statement in relation to Vanessa’s declaration.

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis lived together for 14 years. They considered themselves a married couple even if they never walked down the aisle. In addition, they had two kids who remained with the mom after the separation. Depp met Amber during the filming for the movie “Rum Diary”. They began dating soon after the movie was released and they were spotted together on many occasions.

According to previous reports, Paradis did not get just the custody of the children, but also half of the actor’s fortune. Since the two were never married, Depp was not supposed to give his ex-partner anything, but considering the circumstances of their separation, he decided to give the money as a gift. Depp’s fortune was estimated around $300 million, so Vanessa Paradis received $150 million, according to divorce lawyers’ estimates.

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  1. I guess you must have been asleep throughout the early 2000s. You know where Kate moss was linked to Johnny depp? That was until Vanessa allegedly stole him away from her. What Vanessa pardis is experiencing now is what we in the real world would like to call karmatic retribution.

    As far as pardis has ever reason to be upset, I wonder how Kate moss must have felt back in 2000 when her and depp were an item. You know back when pardis was accused of stealing depp away from her?

    Please. If anything pardis is every bit a man stealer just like any other Hollywood trash out there. Again that assuming the gossip mill is true. Which is hard to believe since there are zero photographs of them being pictured together.

    Also what about reports that pardis and depp broke up two years ago? Sorry Vanessa. You’re gonna have to rely on your own talents to steal another meal ticket.

  2. I am so sad for Vanessa because she and Johnny were a family. Children need a father present and I sure hope Vanessa will let the children see their Papa. In time, when her pain eases, Vanessa will have to allow her children to see their Papa with his new partner. She has every reason to feel hurt and saddened. I pray that in time, she will open her heart to a new love and to one that is not hurtful in any way. May she listen to her heart and draw the attention of a kind and devoted partner. I pray that her broken heart will heal.

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