Using Apps To Make The Most Of Black Friday Deals

When it comes to a successful Black Friday, the secret is planning ahead. Using apps on your smartphone could be what you need to make the most of this year’s Black Friday deals.

Nobody likes spending time in lines. Obviously, that’s not going to get any better since this year Black Friday starts as early as Thanksgiving Day evening. So add to standing in line, a tummy ache from all that holiday food, possibly line neighbors who’ve had a few and oh, yes, the cold. There’s nothing like waiting for Black Friday to start while you were still supposed to enjoy Thanksgiving Day.

So to make sure you avoid waiting in line for nothing, it’s time to put your smartphone to some actual work. There are apps that will help you make the most of Black Friday deals without wasting too much time in line and away from family and friends. “There’s more to tacking Black Friday deals than battling long lines. A plan and some much-needed prep work will get you ahead of the rest, even with a belly full of turkey” says Andrea Woroch, expert in consumer savings.

A survey by IDC reads that 41 percent of Black Friday shoppers would rather rely on smartphone apps’ discount advice, rather than sales staff. And there are plenty of smartphone apps that could help you on Black Friday. SnapTell, TGI Black Friday, DealNews’s Black Friday app or Nextag are designed to compared prices, see and save ads or even plan the whole shopping journey.

The best advice, however, when it comes to Black Friday deals is to know “how much those desired products cost before you head out to the stores on Black Friday “. That’s “your greatest defense against misleading promotions” consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch told Fox Business.

Most websites on Black Friday have produced their own smartphone apps. For instance, Deal Catcher and TGIblackfriday have launched the app TGI Black Friday which basically gives buyers the option to search for product, send notifications about new ads and also lets them save their favorites.

DealNews has one too. The Black Friday App will send you ads from basically every important retailer with a deal to show off. Black Friday deals are browsed by category and you can search and save too, but also see a feed of all the recent deals.

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