Usher sued over Sexually Transmitted Disease

Famous singer Usher is dealing with some problems with the law. The star has actually been sued over an alleged sexually transmitted disease. The plaintiff, a mystery woman, is seeking to obtain no less than $10 million from the famous singer, after saying that Usher exposed her to herpes.

The woman said she and Usher had unprotected sex in April and this is how she got the disease. The woman also claimed that Usher was negligent when they had sex in a New Orleans hotel. TMZ reported that this was actually the second time when Usher and this woman, whose identity has not been revealed, had sex.

Initially, they hooked up in Atlanta and had protected sex in her home. The woman said that when they met the second time to have sex, Usher did not use a condom. She claimed that she felt exposed to herpes because of this. The woman did not claim that she developed the disease, but that she felt concerned over her exposure to it. The lawsuit also claimed that the woman wouldn’t have had sex with Usher if she would have known about the disease.

The woman accused Usher of negligence, battery and emotional distress. However, this is not the first time when the singer is dealing with such allegations. In fact, Usher settled a lawsuit in 2012 for now less than $1.1 million with a woman who alleged that he infected her with the virus by knowingly having unprotected sex with her. Usher was reportedly diagnosed with herpes around 2009.

The settlement was reported only a couple of days ago by Radar Online, which claimed that Usher was officially diagnosed with the disease, so the singer knew that he was suffering from it. The celebrity site reported that Usher convinced his then girlfriend, a celebrity stylist, to have sex with him by saying that his test results were negative. The woman started feeling seek about three weeks after having unprotected sex with Usher and was then diagnosed with herpes. Allegedly, Usher confessed that he carried the virus and infected the stylist, apologized to her and settled the case.

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