Usher sex tape for sale

In December 2009, Usher reported $1,000,000 in valuables, mostly jewelry and two laptops, stolen from his car. Apparently among the jewelry and all the others stuff there was something more valuable than the rest: a sex tape where the protagonists are Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Foster.

The sex tape and also two photos are now offered for sale in Hollywood. Both video and photos are clear enough to realize that it’s Usher and Tameka there. The tape would probably have to be a number of years old, considering that the singer divorced his wife in June, 2009. They have two children together and at the moment their relationship is based on friendship and support in raising the kids.
    A spokesman for Usher had no comments regarding  the possible existence of a tape. Usher is certainly no stranger to the limelight and has already hit the stage with two high-profile performances this year. He was a surprise performer during the Black Eyed Pea’s Super Bowl Halftime Show and performed with  Justin Bieber at the Grammys last month.

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  1. Who among us keeps a four year old sex tape we made with our ex-spouse in the glove box of our car? When stories of how material like this gets ‘leaked’ out do not add up, chances are there are facets the public is kept unaware of. And when your career has taken a turn from R&B sensation to Justin Bieber’s mentor, why would you not heed the “just make a sex tape” advice of your publicist – just be sure to practice your “shocked and appalled” face in the mirror first. Welcome back to the front page Usher, we’ve missed ya.

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