Users Angry As iOS 6 Is Not Available For The Original iPad

The first iPad Apple ever sold was a record-breaking success, but what 15 million people didn’t know back then is that their software update is limited. If you are an owner of iPad 1 you might have already talked with other users, angry that iOS 6 is not available for the original iPad.

Whereas most of you have long switched from iPad 1 to much newer versions, the truth is the once revolutionary technology is now obsolete. Try to argue against it as much as you want, but it’s not such an appealing thought knowing iOS 6 is not available for the original iPad. So if you want constant updates, you’ll have to spend another few hundred dollars for a much newer device.

Ken Hess, ZDnet writer, is one of the angry users that have started a small online mutiny against Apple. Even if Twitter isn’t flooding with comments about not having iOS 6 for iPad 1, there are still enough people out there suddenly waking up from Apple’s spell. It got Ken Hess revolted saying Apple has decided iOS 6 is not for iPad 1, but only for the newer versions.

Ken Hess says he is angry with Apple and somehow feels cheated on. “I bought it just before the iPad 2 came out. And, now I’m angry. I’m very angry” he said in his web post. “So, now what. Either I’m stuck with iOS 5.1.1 forever or I jailbreak the damn thing and possibly ruin it. That’s what” Ken Hess writes.

With the price of $600 you can’t say that Apple products are made to be bought month by month just like at the grocery store. And it seems that Apple somehow forgot that their business is based on its users. It’s a critique many others have had lately.

According to Mr. Hess, there are around 15 million Apple device users who can’t take advantage of the new iOS because the original iPad isn’t compatible with iOS 6. And this is exactly the kind of thing that could have Apple lose clients, money and popularity. It’s also the sort of opportunity that makes users turn to jailbreaking iPad, in the search for the actual power of this device.

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  1. I have just found out ios6 update is not compatible with the original iPad 1. Cheated thats for sure. Pretty lousy state of affairs and disadvantages their good customers!!!

    I guess they are worth so much now they don’t really care!!!!

  2. It looks like if 15 million people own the original Ipad (including myself) Apple would make an effort to come up with some sort of update that would enhance our ownership experience. Seriously, when i purchased mine i got all the gizmos and attachments that was available and spent a little over 1000 dollars when it was said and don. I CAN NOT, and I’s sure most feel this way in this economy, afford to dump the one I have to upgarde to a newer one… as much as I would like to! I mean we dont even have the luxury of a camera!!!!! C’MONAPPLE! help us out….

  3. Seriously People with their iPhone 3gs-4s and ipod touch keeps on saying iOS 6 is a bad update. Why is the when you have it, you don’t want it and if you can never get it, cries for mercy that they want it. Crazy

  4. If Steve jobs was still around this stupidity wouldn’t be going down like this! I purchased mine 2 years ago, I use it everyday flawlessly now I’m told it’s not good enuff!!

  5. My ipad 1 works fine still and I bought my kids a refurb ipad1 they loved so I saw no reason to ever consider buying a newer verison. I know people say it will still work but from what I have seen over the last few weeks either you can’t update apps you own and paid for or if you are able to update some do not work. I stayed away from apple all my life until I bought the Ipad. After seeing my little girl cry because she can no longer see the snoopy fair she spent almost a year building because she has an ipad1 and there was an update I will never buy apple again. Slowly everyday my apps are going away. They are either not able to be updated or now do not function properly. I gave in 18 months ago like a fool and made a costly mistake buying disposable toy. I feel so bad for all the special education units at schools that have ipad 1’s. I know or local district which struggled to get a 15 for over 500 kids to severe kids to share is already having issues with updates. Try explaining apple’s greed to severly special needs kids that would light up when they got 10 minutes on an ipad!

  6. Being punished for being the first buyer of the ipad1 is rediculous….When will the iPad2 no longer be compatible with the next software update…??? I experience no customer care in Apples dealing with this…

  7. Disgusting! – My 64GB 3G iPad 1 cost a fortune when new, where as my iPhone 3GS was S/H and cheap. – I get IOS6 on my aging S/H iPhone 3gs with low spec, but not the iPad????

    Cmon! Apple are a joke at this point. Sure, technology has moved on, but who has the capital to replace costly equipment? – Apple will be accused soon of fueling the ever increasing debt of the world as people HAVE to get loans or re-mortgage just to keep their apps up to date.

    Windows 7 runs on some pretty low spec hardware (Ok its slow, but it runs)

  8. I gave my iPad 1 to my elderly mother, to bring her into the new century. She loves it, but i am really disappointed that apple has decided it will not keep up support of this device.

    Badly done apple, to lose so many people because they can’t afford to keep buying new devices.

    And YES, it still works, but some of the apps no longer do as they slowly update to the new ios6.

    I thought Apple was a better community company than this.

    It’s all about the money, show me the money (apples new mantra)

  9. this is a trend that eventually will sink apple, even for thise who buy those expensive computers and devices after a year or two they can not upgrade to anything, this is a case of the problem is not getting to the top, the problem is staying there, looks like is time for the apple to fall from the tree.

  10. Frankly speaking I am really unhappy with apples decision not to include the IPad in the upgrade. How can you upgrade for a older 3GS phone which came out well before Ipad1 but screw all those h
    Who spend a considerable amount of money to buy it?
    This shows clear disregard to their customers which is also reflected in the responses of the India outsourced so called customer service who are very politely give you the run around rather then solutions.
    Very dis-appointed with Apple where service and support used to be outstanding justifying their very high prices. Guess the bigger you get the less you need to care.
    So the best way is to buy other products as competitors are plenty with Apple now, instead of being the clear leader in the past, trying to catch up with their competitors I.e. Iphone5!
    Let’s say thank you to Apple for their fine service take a bite out of their Apple and stop buying their products.
    I have started to do so with my new Notebook. Next will be tablet and phone!

  11. iOS 6 not compatible for iPad 1?
    I am a Apple fan and a iPad first user. The iPad 1 was introduced 23 juli 2010 in the Netherlands. I was in line for one of the first iPads in the Netherlands. So the device is 2 years and 3 months old. Now 2012, iPad 1 is not compatible with iOS6. WHY?
    Apple is green?
    Apple proudly presents itself as a green company that produces sustainable products. How green and sustainable is discontinuing software update service for a product that is 2 years old and still looks and works like new? What am I to do? Throw this iPad in the trash and buy the new iPad?
    I am really disappointed about this.

  12. I belong alsotothose disgusted as more and more apps are compatible only with IOS6 and I can not use them on my Ipad 1. Nobody nkrmal will by new Ipad every secobd year to have the full productivity of the device. Simp,y scandal, shame on Apple

  13. New Windows tablet looks pretty good if I can’t update my original ipad and have to buy new…time to try something non-Apple after all these years (many ipods, iphones, etc)

  14. I got an iPad 1a year ago but it appears it’s becoming obsolete already, need IOS6 but not possible to put on iPad 1 this will backfire on apple as I’m now moving to a different brand and according to the comments here I’m not alone

  15. I’m the most loyal apple guy….. Until yesterday when my iPad crashed because a new app needed iOS 6.0…….I lost years of music ( I’m a musician and had an app called on song) ….now I’m just screwed…….Steve Jobs is not cold and the corporate cronies are destroying Americas best company….

  16. Apple , you are making a Big Mistake here. I bought my Ipad 1 in May last year in South Africa . Now less than a year down the line you are excluding us Ipad 1 users from getting the newest upgrade?

    I feel cheated and want my money back to be able to upgrade to a newer Ipad!

  17. Yep, i felt shafted when i opened the ipad 1 box and discovered i’d have to buy a charger. Now i feel it again because it’s no longer supported after only 2 years – and it crashes 5 – 10 times per day! This is the last Apple product I buy. It’s back to Microsoft for me. Say what you want about MS, i never felt like they were squeezing every last cent out of me like Apple does.

  18. Thank you Apple. I was stressing over whether to get the Galaxy Note or an iPhone 5. Now that Apple has hown me how they’re handling upgrades (screwing me on my iPad 1), my decision is easy. Hello Droid.

  19. Last apple product I’m buying. Goodbye apple and your over priced items with lack of customer support. Hello to Samsung who cares about customer satisfaction.

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