Use Incredimail to Improve your iPad Email Experience

Users want from their iPhone the premium experience not only with external aesthetics, but also the firmware’s looks. Several iPad default apps have disappointed users in terms of visual aspect, convincing them to start looking for better-looking and performing alternatives. Incredimail is the email client that will make reading email press a lot more enjoyable.

Incredimail is a free iPad e-mail app that displays your inbox messages as snippets, each featuring a picture, a fragment of the email content, subject line, sender and hour. The app is basically transforming your iPad into a neat-looking magazine you get to see all of your favorite interests and messages sent to Gmail, Yahoo, AOL email accounts, as well as Pinterest boards and pins.

There are several features that Incredimail adds for iPad, such as a redesigned inbox, easy to use and particularly designed for your tablet. You can also take quick peeks into your emails’ content to see if it’s something you need to reply to now, or later. The Photo Inbox feature puts together friends and family photos as soon as they publish them on Facebook. The app also puts faces on your email contacts, thanks to an integrated feature that adds Facebook images automatically into contact lists. Incredimail also has a built-in web browser that allows you to navigate online within your inbox, without all the back-and-forth switching between platforms.

According to the Incredimail developer, this is “the first email app that is truly adapted to the touch-screen” as it takes into account all “features, pain-points and needs in standard email” and “all the functional and visual capabilities in the iPad environment”. The result is a redesigned “email experience on the iPad to make your inbox a happier place”.

At the moment, POP3 email accounts are not supported and the only language available is English. Upcoming improvements will add background templates and needed graphics to celebrate birthdays, special events and festive occasions.

Incredimail for iPad is available for free on the App Store.

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