USA Anti-Doping Agency Charges Lance Armstrong

Reuters reports that the USA anti-doping agency charged Lance Armstrong with more allegations. The seven-time Tour de France winner claims all the accusations are false.

The first doping allegations against Lance Armstrong were released several months ago, but the American cyclist thought he had managed to prove his innocence. New accusations were charged on Tuesday by the USA anti-doping agency claiming that a thorough investigation is still necessary because Armstrong has been using performance enhancing drugs in the past two years.

Lance released a statement to defend himself. He told the press that he is innocent emphasizing the fact that he has never doped himself before a competition in his entire career of 25 years. He recalled fans and supporters that he never had a problem with the authorities or with the USA anti-doping agency before. As a matter of fact, the seven-time winner of the Tour de France had more than 500 drug tests throughout his career and he always came out clean.

The allegations prevent Lance from taking part in triathlons. The cyclist started performing in these competitions after he retired from cycling last year.

Discussions about possible doping allegation first started in 1999 when Armstrong made his first Tour victory. He had hoped that federal prosecutors would put an end to the allegations and regard him as a clean champion once the probe was closed. The investigation was carried on by the USA anti-doping agency which analyzed Armstrong’s past performances, as well as his former teams and doctors to gather evidence in support of their allegations.

The agency wrote a letter to Lance Armstrong on Tuesday notifying him of all the charges that have been brought against him. They claim that the first traces of performance enhancing drugs were identified in 1996. In addition, the recent blood samples that were taken in 2009 and 2010 prove that the cyclist resorted to EPO and blood transfusions in order to improve his results. Lance, who was in France training for the triathlon at the time when the letter was sent, rejected the charges stating that they are “baseless” and “motivated by spite”.

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