US Safety Agency Investigating General Motors Recall Response

General Motors has created many headlines in the past few weeks. Now it seems that the company’s recall response is being investigated by the US Safety Agency. 

The case is submitted to investigation as the US Safety Agency is trying to find out now if General Motors acted appropriately in this case.

Until now the famous company has recalled no less than 1.6 million cars. It is believed that the vehicles’ problems could be linked to 13 deaths and many accidents. 

The US government auto safety agency is now investigating the reaction that General Motors had, meaning that they are trying to establish if the company has acted quickly enough to recall all these vehicles that might have a problem. The official announcement was made by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Wednesday. 

The statement said that the investigation was opened with the sole purpose to “determine whether GM properly followed the legal processes and requirements for reporting recalls.”

In case the agency will find that General Motors has not acted as it should have, they can fine the company with no less than $35 million, a top fine that can be given in such cases. The legislation indicates that in case a vehicle maker traces a problem or a safety defect in its cars, its duty is to announce it in term of 5 days. 

It has been previously reported that General Motors knew about this situation since 2004, but the company failed to do something to solve it. On Tuesday, it has been announced that General Motors has doubled the number of recalled vehicles, which has now reached more than 1.6 million cars. 

General Motors issued an official apology for this case, claiming that the process of examining this problem was not robust enough when it was first traced. So, it seems that even though General Motors knew about the problem, they actually did not realize its severity. 

When General Motors decided to recall its vehicles, it acted very quickly. If the company will be fined and how much is yet to see when the investigation ends. Toyota is the company which received the highest fine in the history of the agency, a $17.5 million fine.

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