US Government Warns Users on Masque Danger

Commonly, smartphone users think that their devices cannot be harmed by viruses, which commonly affect computers. However, viruses can also affect phones and tablet computers and this is exactly what happened when it comes to the Apple iPhone. 

A new hi-tech attacks, known as Masque, has managed to affect iPhones. This virus can allow unlimited access to data, passwords, but also to photos inside smartphones. Actually, the threat is so big that the US government has issued an official warning. According to officials, Masque could easily be used by criminals to obtain passwords, but also to gain access to online bank accounts and monitor information sent or stored on the infected device. 

The virus is so powerful that it can actually replace apps with fake versions. This means that banking apps, email applications and everything that might contain vital information can be replaced with fake versions. Apple recommends users to only install apps from the App Store, as actually this is the only way in which they can avoid this powerful virus. Moreover, users are recommended to not install pop-ups that appear on webpages. 

The vulnerability in the iOS system was actually found by security firm FireEye. They unveiled it earlier this week. Following this revelation, Apple claimed that Masque Attack is not a flaw. Moreover, Apple released a statement saying that they are not aware of any cases of Apple users affected by the attack. 

“We designed OS X and iOS with built-in security safeguards to help protect customers and warn them before installing potentially malicious software. We’re not aware of any customers that have actually been affected by this attack,” Apple said in a statement. 

The fact is that not only Apple devices will be affected by viruses if users download apps from untrusted sources. Actually, getting a virus on a smartphone is very simple. However, it can be extremely dangerous, too, having under consideration that people nowadays tend to keep all type of vital information on their portable, smart devices. Respecting safety recommendations is a must to avoid being a victim of hackers and having personal data accessed by third parties. 

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