US Bases Fear New Iranian Attacks

US bases fear new Iranian attacks after a senior commander in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard declared that the military forces will attack all allies in the event of an Israeli conflict. Israeli prime-minister, Benjamin Netanyahu urged president Barack Obama to declared “red lines” against Iran’s nuclear facilities, but Obama stated that further diplomatic sanctions must be imposed, Reuters relates.

Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh made a televised appearance on Iran’s state television on Sunday to announce the Revolutionary Guard’s intentions to attack US military bases in the region. The declaration was made after Israeli officials threatened to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities in order to scuttle efforts to build a bomb. Tehran has declared on many occasions that the nuclear activities they are undergoing are meant for peaceful purposes, so they refuse to obey to the diplomatic sanctions imposed by the United Nations.

Hajizadeh claims Israeli military forces would not be able to attack Iran without the help of the United States. As a consequence, the Revolutionary Guard will open fire against the U.S. bases that are located in Bahrain, Qatar and Afghanistan, making sure to get all allies involved in the military conflict. In Iran’s opinion, “these bases are equal to U.S. soil”, so there will be no neutral nation in the region in case a conflict with Israel begins.

The message delivered by Hajizadeh was not only meant to threaten Washington, but also local nations. An imminent conflict between Israel and Iran would also affect the Gulf Arab allies by disrupting oil shipment and crippling companies in cities like Dubai and Doha.

The recent U.S. military exercises performed in the Gulf determined Iran to feel threatened. While the U.S. forces reassured everyone that the mine-drilling exercises are not aimed at Iran, their West allies made it clear that they would remorselessly attack Iran if Tehran closes oil shipment lanes in the Gulf.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that the diplomatic efforts and sanctions that have been adopted to prevent Tehran from continuing its nuclear ambitions have failed. The only solution, in his opinion, is for Obama to declare “red lines” and attack the nuclear facilities. The United States President ignored the calls stating that Tehran needs more time to respond to the diplomatic sanctions that have been imposed.  

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