Updates about Bravo’s “Winter House” Crossover Series

It’s snowing! The stars of Southern Charm and Summer House joined forces to create the crossover show Winter House The audience was not all knew what to expect.

Craig Conover, who stars on the Charleston-based show exclusively revealed to DailyGossip that the process of filming living in a home with a brand new crew was a complete new experience for Craig Conover.

“You really get to learn a lot more about us,” said the agent to Us on October. “For Austen [Kroll] and me, it was definitely a new experience being under surveillance and to see us build new relationships with people we didn’t know.”

It’s a good thing that the Sewing Down South founder called the experience “more raw,” with the cast only having two weeks in a row as drama and love triangles get more intense.

“It’s an entirely new aspect for us. We’re used to being seen dressed in suits and in very social situations However, this is the first time to see us as a day-to-day person,” Craig added at the time. “It’ll be a new side of our personality … [but] that also comes with its cons, because you also get to see us in our worst moments too.”

The trailer for the forthcoming reality series debuted in September, long-time Bravo fans couldn’t resist the urge to be struck by the resemblances that Winter House has to its predecessors.

The hookups are likely to happen among Austen as well as Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard, but that is just the beginning of the Iceberg. Austen has also been seen in a relationship with Ciara Miller, which seems like it’s not the end of the romance with Austen. Kings Calling Brewing Co. founder.

“Hold on!. Let me clarify this Three ladies fighting for Austin Kroll? It’s just a little confusing,” Paige DeSorbo said in the sneak preview at Winter House.

The life of the podcast host is discussed both in the show and off. After having a romantic relationship in the trailer with actress Andrea Denver in the trailer, Paige was later linked to Craig after they were seen in a photo shoot together after filming.

While she and the “Giggly Squad” host previously denied there was anything happening with their South Carolina native, a source informed Us the 4th of October that the two have been “officially together.” The source said the reason for this as “their friendship turned into a relationship as they’ve spent more time together in recent weeks.”

While the group is beginning to make new connections as they form new bonds, the people from their past remain in their thoughts. In a video in Winter House, Austen tells Craig that “Madison [LeCroy] texted me and she goes, ‘Please tell me that you haven’t moved on.'”

Contrary to what’s suggested in the trailer Madison who revealed her separation from Austen in December of 2020 revealed how thankful she was with her ex-partner after seeing an image of his life in the Winter House.

“When I first saw the trailer for Winter House, I actually called him and he was like, ‘I can’t talk about this right now.’ And I said, ‘No, I actually was calling to tell you, like, good for you,'” Madison spoke to Us in September.

She was able to recall saying to Austen, “‘Like, you are like the hottest girl here. It’s like everyone is taking on you. I was like, ‘You’ve always been insecure’ previously. Therefore, this should increase your confidence in a big way and that’s great. I’m very happy for you. ‘”

Scroll down for all known about Winter House. debut season Winter House:

The Everything we Know about Bravo's "Winter House Crossover Series
Credit: Zack DeZon/Bravo (4)

In The Center of It

Winter House stars Amanda Batula, Paige, Andrea, Luke Gulbranson, Julia McGuire, Jason Cameron, Craig, Austen, Gabby Kniery, Kyle Cooke, Lindsay and Ciara.

Julia is a childhood pal of Paige’s. She takes her the two of them Jason and Gabby along to her home.

As per Bravo, “The six-episode series reaches new peaks when this rowdy crew kicks off an epic experience filled with hot tub hookups and snowy shenanigans.”

The Everything we Know about Bravo's "Winter House Crossover Series
Credit: Zack DeZon/Bravo

Setting the Scene

Winter House is set to debut on Bravo on Wednesday October 20th, on October 20 at 9:00 p.m. ET.

Production at Stowe, Vermont was a change for many cast members as Southern Charm is set in South Carolina and Summer House is set in The Hamptons.

Craig admitted that Craig and Austen were the two who were the least prepared in regards to their attire for the two-week getaway.

“We didn’t pack right,” the man told Us. “The only item we packed properly in mind was the snowboarding. In other words we were in a bit of trouble.”

The Everything we Know about Bravo's "Winter House Crossover Series
Credit: Jeff Tan/Bravo

How “Summer House” and “Southern Charm’ Will be Incorporated

Before the premier, Craig admitted that it was “a little nerve-wracking” because of the way in which Winter House is to other Bravo shows.

“What’s fun is that you have Winter House, you have Summer House and then you have Southern Charm,” He said to Us at the end of October. “You’ll see our dynamics from Winter House then carry into this summer and who knows how that’s going to go.”

The lawyer hinted that the potential could be even more crossovers across the network.

“I just love that. Bravo is kind of the new Marvel universe [with] everyone becoming friends,” he said. “I think everyone that likes to watch it has some really exciting stuff to see in the next several months coming up.”

The Everything we Know about Bravo's "Winter House Crossover Series
Credit: Zack DeZon/Bravo (2)

Making Connections. Love. Connections

The first glimpse of the season was a tease of Austen meeting Lindsay as well as Ciara. After exchanging an intimate kiss with the nurse Austen is later informed by the publicist she is in love with him.

Lindsay has also been seen putting on the PDA together with Jason Cameron. In the meantime, Kyle, who recently got married to Amanda was accused of flinging with Gabby.

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