Update on Queen Elizabeth II’s Health Condition

Queen Elizabeth II was taken to a hospital in London after being diagnosed with gastroenteritis, an inflammation of the stomach lining and intestines. The official declaration issued by the Buckingham Palace further stated that the Queen is in a very good condition and doctors expect to release her within two days.

They say there is a place where even the king prefers to go alone, but Queen Elizabeth II comes to contradict the saying. Having dealt with stomach problems this weekend, the 86-year-old sovereign chose the hospital bed instead of the proverbial throne. She was diagnosed with gastroenteritis – a mild affection of the intestines – so Prince Charles was interrupted from his feverish race towards the chair of state and forced to retrace his course.

The queen will be released from the hospital within two days, but she will continue to remain under close observation because of her frail condition. The representatives of the royal family have already postponed or canceled the tasks that she was supposed to accomplish this week. The sovereign was supposed to attend a military parade in the Welsh city of Swansea on Friday, but her stomach ailment prevented her from fulfilling her duties. On Wednesday, the 86-year-old royal was set to leave on a two-day visit to Italy, but she will remain in England, instead.

The palace decided to take the queen to the King Edward VII hospital as a “precautionary measure”, but medical tests have shown that the monarch is in a very good condition. Even during her admittance to the hospital, the queen was “in good spirits” being encouraged by the crowd of well-wishers, who have gathered in front of the hospital’s main entrance.

Queen Elizabeth II has never dealt with severe health issues during the 61 years she has spent on the throne. While anti-monarchists may be tempted to associate her good health condition with the delightful idleness that usually characterizes the royal family, the queen’s medical history proves that being a sovereign could, in fact, be very risky. The royal member twisted her knee during a visit at the Newmarket racecourse in 2003 and had to undergo surgery to repair the damaged cartilage.

The younger members of the royal family will undergo medical tests in the following period because they could suffer from gastroenteritis, too. This virus can be highly infectious and, just like the hereditary monarchy, it could be transmitted from one member of the family to another.

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