Under the Dome Premieres Second Season

The famous television series Under the Dome will return for its second season. The author of the story on which the famous show is based is no one else than Stephen King. 

In fact, Stephen King decided to talk about this show and claimed that his wrote an episode for the return of the hit TV adaptation of the 2009 novel he released. King claimed that he will make a cameo in the episode, too. Apparently, this episode will be aired on Monday, June 30. 

“I knew that George R.R. Martin had written a few episodes of ‘Game of Thrones,’ and I was very jealous,” Stephen King claimed during a recent phone interview, the Seattle Times reveals. The author currently is on the set of Under the Dome, in North Carolina. 

There is no wonder after all that a second season has been developed, having under consideration the amazing success that the first season had. The series presents the story of the inhabitants of a small town in Maine, Chester’s Mill. The story is quite interesting, as the inhabitants of this city are cut off from the rest of the world, 

King was quite happy with the show and this story. However, there is no shock in the fact that the stories created by King have become much successful. In fact, the novels, novellas and short stories that Stephen King has written during the years have many times been made into movies and television series. Under the Dome is just one of them. 

Naturally, numerous of these projects have been successful. One of the best known ones is The Shining. Carrie has also been a very successful movie, based on a story by Stephen King. Naturally, the list can go on with a series of other very much appreciated stories, including the Green Mile. Most likely, the success of the new series will be as great as this one. 

Stephen King is one of the most prolific authors in the world. The famous author has released numerous bestselling books throughout the years and most likely we should expect to see more such successful projects from him. 

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