UNC’s Kendall Marshall will suffer surgery after wrist injury

The NCAA tournament was perturbed by an incident during the Sunday game between North Carolina and Creighton. According to Washington Post the UNC’s post guard Kendall Marshall will suffer a surgery on Monday morning after getting a severe wrist injury during the last 10 minutes of the game.

The North Carolina team may have registered a victory against Creighton on Sunday, but they have lost one of their most valuable players. The point guard was hurt when there were only 10:56 minutes left until the end of the game. He was knocked to the floor by Ethan Wragge, but tried to continue playing for several more minutes. The coach got him off the field in the last two minutes of the competition.

Before making the official announcement to the press, coach Roy Williams asked reporters to clear the locker room in order to speak with his team. North Carolina has many reasons to worry now as the players don’t know how they will handle the Friday competition against Ohio without Marshall.

Spokespersons later told reporters that Marshall broke his wrist during the accident and he was programmed for a surgery on Monday morning. The basketball player was feeling very bad at the end of the game and the medical staff was forced to put him in a cast in order to make the pain more bearable.

Kendall Marshall also spoke to reporters; he told the press that doctors informed him that he suffered a bone fracture at the right hand. The left-handed player further added that he was happy he didn’t break his good arm. He is willing to allow himself time to recover and to do everything with small steps.

Dennis Marshall, Kendall’s father released an interview for CBS on Sunday night saying that his son will have surgery on Monday morning to get a screw inserted in the injured wrist. Doctors don’t know when Kendall will be able to play again.

Coach Williams showed his preoccupation for the future evolution of the team. Marshall is one of the best players of North Carolina with 10 assists per game. 

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