Unauthorized Biography Reveals Simon Cowell Secrets

Simon Cowell is not exactly having the time of his life. “The X Factor” producer is still looking for jury members, but it seems the task might be more challenging than imagined as an unauthorized biography talks about a clash between Simon Cowell and partner ITV. Plus, any day now we’re expecting Simon Cowell to have a meltdown over the unauthorized biography that’s revealing his secrets.

For Simon Cowell, “Britain’s Got Talent” and “The X Factor” are more than just opportunities to make public displays of his utterly picky taste. For Simon Cowell the two mega shows are huge revenue sources for which he struggles to find the optimum formula that will mesmerize the audiences.

At the moment being, Simon Cowell is still looking for new jury members for the U.S. version of “the X factor”. Britney Spears is sought for, but there’s still some disagreement between the parties involved. But negotiations should end soon with success, because Simon Cowell wants Britney on the jury panel badly. Getting the pop princess to jury his X factor is going to bring in lots of audience points and this businessman knows it.

However, an unauthorized biography of Simon Cowell indicates that there might be other reasons why there still isn’t a jury replacement. According to Tom Bower, the author of Simon Cowell’s unauthorized biography, it seems that the intense disagreements between the producer and his partner ITV have reached a crisis. The two parts seem to be fighting over millions of pounds as Simon Cowell tries to distance himself from ITV. At least, that’s what Bower’s biography talks about.

According to the Sun, the partnership between ITV and Simon Cowell is worth about $160 million. The newspaper looked into Tom Bower’s biography and wrote: “he admitted revelations in his book…risked pushing to crisis point relations between the station and the man behind their most successful shows”.

Obviously, Simon Cowell made no comment, yet, but his publicist, Max Clifford did: “Simon and ITV have had a very close and hugely successful relationship for many years. Inevitably they don’t agree on everything all the time, but the overall situation is as healthy, good and mutually beneficial as it’s ever been”.

ITV also stated that they are working “closely with Simon and the production teams to ensure that the shows are the very best they possibly can be”.

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