Ultimate Top 10s, the Place to Hang Out When Facebook Is Out

Every now and then, when Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are down, it feels like there’s nothing fun left to do online. If you like top ten lists, and websites with hilarious takes on things, Ultimate Top 10s is the place to hang out until Facebook and the rest are back on.

The main reason why everybody is so keen on social networking is that it requires some level of participation, whether it’s a “Like”, a “Share” or a “Pin It”. And when some of the most popular websites are down, many feel like the Internet has never been more boring. Looking for something that will match or at least be half as enticing might feel like a chore if you don’t know where and how to do it.

The website is definitely a place online you should bookmark and visit not only when Facebook or Twitter are out. The website meets most of the requirements online users today have from a website that they want to visit on a daily basis. First of all the content is hilarious. It really is, even if their writers are basically just making lists. If you’re expecting “a boring list about the top 10 tallest buildings in the world” you’re in for a surprise. is the sort of website where you will be able to give your brain a well deserved rest with such great acts like the Top 10 Best Harlem Shake Parody Videos or the Top 10 Tattoo Ideas Men Shouldn’t Get. Oh, and let’s not forget about the crème-de-la-crème of the internet, the good old Oh, Crap Moments!

But don’t get me wrong. This top ten list site is educational too, not just hilarious. They just take common things and give them a whole new spin, in a creative way. For instance, gives you 10 new creative ways to use Lego: create a LEGO key holder, fix cracks and holes in walls with Lego building blocks, make jewelry or decorate the hell out of your home.

The website makes even recycling more useful and fun (although we should all recycle to save the planet for future generations). So if there’s a lot of drinking from cans around the house, you can consider making clothes out of can pull tabs, use them to create a herb garden, to build a can stove or a solar heater.

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