UE Roll, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker

These days, the Bluetooth market is filled with Bluetooth speakers that feature interesting designs and deliver a good sound. However, UE is doing a good job with the Roll, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that features a UFO shape design.

Yes, this Bluetooth speaker is fully waterproof and it comes not in two, but in six different color options at launch. UE Roll is available at the price of 100 dollars and is the third wireless Bluetooth speaker in the company’s line. UE also released the famous UE Boom and the UE Megaboom, which is considered like a big brother. To be mentioned that both of these speakers feature a cylindrical design.

Probably that UE Roll replaces the UE Mini Boom, which also costs 100 dollars, but sadly the model was discounted. The best part about the Roll’s design is that users will have the possibility to lay the speaker down flat, but also pull out its integrated bungee cord and hang it out wherever they want to.

UE Roll could also be hanged on a shower head or any other place in the bathroom. This Bluetooth speaker feels very sturdy and has the weight of 11.8 ounces, featuring a built-in rechargeable battery. Speaking about its battery, the company declared that it can last about 9 hours of music playback.

To be mentioned that on the speaker there can be found volume controls, placed on the top, but the presents of pause/play button or speakerphone capabilities are missing. Customers could also buy from the UE’s website a little inflatable life preserver, so they can put the speaker on it and let it flow on the water. This accessory is very useful especially when users want to listen to music, while they are in the pool.

UE Roll delivers a very good sound, despite its size and price. At higher volumes, the speaker manages to hold together pretty well, offering an accurate sound. Even if users will not get as much bass or volume as they want, UE Roll is a very good Bluetooth speaker especially for those who want to listen to music at the pool or in the bathroom.

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