UE Boom 2 is here

Now, we must say that the original UE Boom was a big success and it was considered to be one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market. These days, the company has unveiled their new speaker, called UE Boom 2.

This new Bluetooth speaker is available at the price of 200 dollars and like many other speakers out there, the new UE Boom 2 allows users to stream audio nearly any tablet, smartphone or operating system. 

Looking at it on the outside, UE Boom 2 hasn’t suffered huge changes compared with the previous device. This means that the two speakers look very similar, but the most significant changes have been made on the inside.

The new UE Boom 2 comes in six color options and has a tighter weave, making it more durable. To be also mentioned that the flap that covers the ports is better integrated and the unit making is more solid. 

Well, if the previous model was water resistant, the new Bluetooth speaker is fully waterproof, being considered IPX7. This means that the speaker can stand under water from 1 minute to more than 30 minutes and can be dropped under water to almost 1.5 meters. That’s not all, UE company declared that users can also let the little flap that covers the USB port and audio input open, because the water will not get inside the speaker.

Another significant change made by UE is the driver, meaning that the new UE Boom 2 will not only sound better than the previous model, but it will also play 25 percent louder at its top volume. To be mentioned that this doesn’t mean that the sound will not distort a little at higher volume, as it happens with all compact Bluetooth speakers. However, despite that, users will probably be amazed by how loud this new UE Boom 2 can be, especially given its size.

Moreover, UE Boom 2 comes with gesture controls. This means that users can tap the top of the device to pause their music or double-tap to skip a track forward.

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