Uber’s first big expansion in China

Uber has slowly expanded its coverage in China. The U.S ride-sharing firm has big plans in the starting year. Uber has declared that it wants to expand its coverage to 37 cities, up from 22.

Until now, the ride-sharing company has been launched in China’s largest cities. However, these days Uber has declared that it will launch in 15 new cities in Sichaun, which is known as China’s fourth most populous province. 

Sichuan is a 484,000 km square region and has a population of approximately 80 million people. For Uber, China is one of the most important places, because millions of people are using the app every day.  

For example, provincial capital Chengdu is Uber’s top city worldwide, based on weekly completed trips. Moreover, this location has reached the number one spot just nine months after the service has been launched here. Uber also has high hopes with a second city, Mianyang, where the ride-sharing service has been launched in November. 

“2015 was Uber China’s ‘Year of Localization’ and 2016 will be our ‘Year of Growth’,” has declared Zhen Liu, Uber China’s head of strategy. “We have built a strong foundation across the country and have put in place an excellent local team that will drive our growth in the year ahead… our goal is to be in 100 cities across China by the end of the year,” he continued. 

Reaching 100 new cities in twelve months is very hard, even for Uber. However, even if it manages to pull this off, Uber will still have to face the competition, which is represented by Did Kuaidi. This company is valued at 16.5 billion dollars and it has total national coverage in China. This seems to be a strong competition for Uber China, which is valued at 8 billion dollars and has over 360 cities and towns coverage. 

To be added that Uber China also planted ride-station in well-known landmarks across Chengdu. This idea is very good and it was specially designed for drivers as a destination where they can meet passengers. Moreover, these stations have been added to Baidu maps, China’s top mapping app. 

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