Uber starts investigation following sexual harassment claims

Uber has surely been shaken up by a now popular blog post shared by a former company employee, Susan Fowler. The post has raised a lot of media attention and also a lot of criticism for Uber. The former worker, a company engineer, said that she was sexually harassed by her direct supervisor and that although she reported the misconduct to the human resources department, her complaint was ignored.

After the post became viral, Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick decided to launch an internal investigation into the allegations. He asked the company’s chief of human resources, Liane Hornsey, to conduct an investigation, saying that the allegations contravene Uber’s standards and vision.

“I have just read Susan Fowler’s blog. What she describes is abhorrent and against everything Uber stands for and believes in,” the statement said. “We seek to make Uber a just workplace for everyone and there can be absolutely no place for this kind of behavior at Uber — and anyone who behaves this way or thinks this is OK will be fired,” it added.

Well, it appears that not only Uber reacted to the post, but some company investors did the same. Mitch and Freada Kapor, who have been investors in the company since 2010, claimed that they have unsuccessfully tried to determine the company to address diversity issues. “We are speaking up now because we are disappointed and frustrated; we feel we have hit a dead end in trying to influence the company quietly from the inside,” the two said in a blog post. “We are disappointed to see that Uber has selected a team of insiders to investigate its destructive culture and make recommendations for change. To us, this decision is yet another example of Uber’s continued unwillingness to be open, transparent and direct.”

Another Uber investor, Chris Sacca, also criticised the company following the worker’s post. The company has not directly responded to this criticism for the moment. It is yet to see what its investigation will find and how Uber will manage and overcome this scandal that seems to evolve.

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