U.S. Squad Ready To Bring Home Olympic Medals

After numerous selections, the U.S. squad is finally ready to go to the Summer Olympics and bring as many medals home as possible. The team is very confident as all the athletes are well prepared, says Reuters.

The U.S. Olympic trials have just concluded and the American squad looks prepared to represent the country. Their performances have been great, so far, but the athletes think they will do a lot better at the Summer Olympics in London.

Reuters discussed with U.S. coaches Andrew Valmon and Amy Deem and they were very pleased with their squad. Although they refused to make their estimates public, the two coaches were very confident that the U.S. team could bring many medals home. In their opinion, the United States could win medals in competitions that they never won before. This is, according to Deem, the reason why this year’s Olympic team is more special than the previous ones.

Valmon was more specific in his declarations. He told reporters that he was truly impressed by the record that Eaton registered in the decathlon. In addition, the new groups of 400 meters runners will help Olympic champion LaShawn Merritt and Galen Rupp preserve their titles. He concluded by saying that the U.S. team is stronger than ever.

Analysts are just as optimistic as the two coaches. The international statistician Richard Hymans declared that he is convinced the American team will continue to occupy a leading position of the medals table. He further added that the U.S. squad is much stronger than distance running nations like Kenya and Ethiopia. Moreover, their technical strategies are far better than the ones of Germany and Russia.

Nevertheless, Hymans, who wrote a history of the U.S. Olympic trials, is not so sure the American athletes will bring more than 30 medals home, as other analysts have estimated. He thinks there will probably be 22-25 medals at maximum. The United States earned 23 medals during the 2008 Olympics, so Hymans predictions seem more likely to come true.

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