U.S. Presidents’ pianist Roger Williams dies at 87

Pianist Roger Williams, the famous musician of the 50s, who played for nine of the U.S. presidents, died on Saturday, at the age of 87. According to Associated Press, Williams spent his last moments at his home in Los Angeles.

During the last years of his life, musician Roger Williams had been battling a form of cancer which made numerous victims among celebrities lately: pancreatic cancer. Last Wednesday, Steve Jobs, the brain behind the Apple company, has passed away of the same type of cancer. And back in September 2009, famous Hollywood actor Patrick Swayze has lost the battle with pancreatic cancer at only 57 years old. Now, it is the turn of another famous figure to surrender to the effects of the disease. Roger Williams passed away on Saturday of complications from pancreatic cancer. His publicist, Rob Wilcox, confirmed the news.
The news about his cancer diagnosis was first posted by Williams on his official website. He explained that he had pancreatic cancer and that the doctors said he could not be operated until the tumor shrunk. With the help of chemotherapy, the tumor had to be brought to an operable size. But despite what cancer treatment involves, Williams did not seem willing to give up his music career. He said he would not cancel any of his upcoming concerts.  He also gave details on his chemo therapy, saying that between concerts he will continue the treatment and that he is in the hands of “the best doctors in the world”.

“I know there are a lot of you out there who are fighting this as well – or have a loved one or friend or neighbor in the same battle”, says Rog on his website’s home page. He also encouraged other people with the disease to fight it instead of “laying back and die”. 

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