U.S. Customers Prefer Smartphones Over Computers For Facebook Time

comScore has discovered during a recent analysis that U.S. customers prefer smartphones over computers when it comes to spending their spare time on Facebook. Figures have shown that Americans have spent 441 minutes accessing Facebook via smartphone as compared to the 391 minutes they spend via computers.

The study was performed in March to determine how important mobile technology is for the social network. comScore noticed that U.S. smartphone users spent 441 minutes on Facebook in March, that is, the equivalent of seven hours and 21 minutes. Unlike the previous years, computers seem to have become less popular because they were used by U.S. users for only 391 minutes, that is, six hours and 31 minutes.

The findings of the report are very important for Facebook as it may increase the value of its initial public offering. Executives have already stated that the mobile has become an important aspect for the social network. Despite this, Facebook’s revenue is not influenced by the mobile dimension because they don’t get money from customers who access the social network with their smartphones.

Given the results of the report, Zuckerberg is preoccupied to generate revenue from the mobile. For that, the company will work to implement monetization strategies for all mobile users in the upcoming period. If they don’t solve this problem, the company’s financial performance will be negatively influenced and Facebook will not be able to produce more revenue.

Several measures have already been adopted to beef up mobile strategy. In April, Facebook agreed to pay $1 billion in exchange of Instagram, one of the most popular photo-sharing smartphone apps at present. In addition, developers included “sponsored stories” in the news feeds of mobile users starting in March. In the future, smartphone users will also see ads on their Facebook page.

There are other social networks that people like to access via smartphones besides Facebook. According to comScore, the next more popular sites were Foursquare with 146 minutes, Twitter with 114 minutes and Tumblr with 68 minutes.

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