Tyson Gay Struggles With Tears As Usain Bolt Gets World’s Fastest Athlete Title

Tyson Gay finished the Olympic 100 meters on Sunday without getting any medal, whereas Usain Bolt was named the world’s fastest athlete. Tyson, who lost by 0.01 seconds, struggled to contain his tears while he spoke with the press, ESPN reports.

Tyson Gay would have won any race with his time of 9.80 seconds, but Usain Bolt set new standards for worldwide athletes with his open-mouthed time of 9.63. The results he obtained this year were even better than the 9.69 time he set four years ago in Beijing. As a result, Tyson Gay finished with 0.01 seconds later than his teammate, Justin Gatlin, narrowly missing the bronze medal.

At the end of the race, Tyson made his appearance in front of the press explaining the results of the competition. He stated that he tried as much as he could to win the race, but he “just came short”. Gay was convinced that there was nothing else he could have done on the field, so he felt no regret for not trying harder. Even so, he could hardly finish his sentences because the tears were choking him.

The 29-year-old athlete has had a series of disappointments in the past years. He was declared the world champion of the 100 and 200 meter races after the 9.69 time he registered in 2009. He was also named the second fastest man in history, but he never managed to obtain an Olympic medal.

Finishing the Sunday race on the fourth place was very difficult for Gay who had very big expectations for the London Olympics. In 2008, he was injured before the Beijing Olympics, so he failed to reach the 100 final. There have been, however, many successful competitions since then as Tyson managed to defeat Bolt on several occasions. In July 2011 he was forced to cut back on physical activities to recover after a surgery.

The fact that Gay took part in the London Games and pulled 9.80 during the race is a big accomplishment, according to Gatlin. He told the press that Tyson should be proud of his results because he had a very good performance in spite of his physical injuries.    

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