Tyra Banks releases “Modelland”

Supermodel Tyra Banks has written a new book. “Modelland” is the story of four girls who decide they want to be models and enter a modeling school. On Wednesday, Banks promoted her book during an event at Barnes & Noble in New York’s Union Square.

If you were in Manhattan on Wednesday, passing by  Barnes & Noble in New York’s Union Square, you missed seeing one of the hottest supermodels ever and getting an autograph. At 37 years old, Tyra Banks is a model, a TV host, a businesswoman and recently an author, as well. Her book, “Modelland”, may seem like it is about her life as a model, or about her TV show, the popular “America’s Next Top Model”. The truth is …it’s a fiction novel.

The main character is Tookie De La Crème, who in the beginning, thinks she has no chance of being on the catwalk. “She is very tall, very insecure, she has one green eye and one brown eye, and she feels like a freak”, Tyra reveals. But at one point, she finds herself only a few steps away from her dream. All she has to do is survive the Catwalk Corridor and the terrifying Thigh-High Boot Camp. And she is not alone. Three more girls join her. The ultimate price is one spot among the “Intoxibellas”. There are thousands of girls competing for one of the seven most beautiful, most famous and worshiped young girls spots.

“Modelland” is about the girls who win the beauty competitions, but also about those who are left out.  Tyra said that the idea of the book came to her while she was driving down the FDR, New York, one day. She actually did not think of it as a book, but rather as the first book in a series.

“I get asked ‘Supermodel…what does that mean? You, guys, have superpowers?’…and I said ‘You know what? Yeah…’”And this made her think about writing of a modeling boarding school.
The book is dedicated to children and teenagers, it has 576 pages and is priced at about 12 dollars on Amazon.com.  For the Kindle edition you will have to pay a little bit more: 14 dollars. You can also find a collectible version of it, priced at 50 dollars.

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