Tyler The Creator Arrested after SXSW Performance

Tyler The Creator was arrested after his performance at the SXSW. The rapper was accused of inciting the crowds to pass over security employees and enter the show, which already was at full capacity.

The incident came as the South by South West show seemed to be going quite well this year. The rapper actually yelled at the people outside the concert area to push the security guards and pass them to enter the show. He repeatedly encouraged them to do so, witnesses said. Police concluded that he encouraged behavior that caused “immediate danger and injury to persons.”

Naturally, this lead to violence, a woman being close to injury from the surging mob. Luckily, the woman was saved by a bartender. The cops talked to witnesses, but they also took video evidence from the concert. Reportedly, the videos show that the fans tried to break through the gate at the Scoot Inn.

The rapper was arrested after the cops learned about the incident. He was held into custody at the Austin-Bergstrom Airport. Unfortunately for the rapper, he now risks to spent time in jail. His bail was set at $3,500. Moreover, if the star will be found guilty, he can also be ordered to pay a fine.

Reports reveal that the rapper risks to spend one year in jail, related to this incident. Naturally, Tyler The Creator cannot be very happy with this situation. However, this is not the first time when the rapper gets involved in this type of situation. In fact, in past performances the popular rapper and his team have several times incited the public to violent conduct.

The past incidents involving the name of the rapper and violence scandals have determined authorities in New Zealand to deny the rapper visa to travel to this country. Authorities said that this happened because he might be a potential threat due to past troubles.


Tyler The Creator was accused of inciting a similar scandal at a comic book store in Boston. Naturally, the rapper was extremely unhappy with the fact that he was linked to a new scandal now. The star took Twitter to express his anger. “I don’t want to cause any trouble, some are making me out to be a bad guy, so Im not doing any shows tonight. Be safe hand fun assholes!,” he wrote on the famous social network.

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