Tyga to Release a Book that the Kardashians Fear

Tyga and Kylie Jenner have been dealing with some relationship problems in the past few weeks. At one point, it has actually been claimed that Kylie and Tyga separated. However, Kylie then confirmed that she and the rapper were still together, but insiders said that their relationship was dealing with some issues. 

Now, it has been claimed that Tyga will be releasing a book, which the Jenner-Kardashian family actually fear. It has been said that the reality show stars fear that Tyga will expose all the “dirt” in their famous family. Tyga’s interest in releasing a book comes from his alleged financial problems. 

The news was first reported by Life & Style magazine, which claimed that Tyga is going to write a book focused on the life of the Kardashians. Tyga has not started working on the book yet, but the family is concerned that he might. “Tyga’s broke, so he has nothing to lose by doing a tell-all. The Kardashians have everything to lose,” an insider said according to the magazine. 

The insider revealed that Tyga knows a lot about the famous family, as Kylie has told him everything. “Because Tyga is Kylie’s first real love, she was completely honest with him,” the source explained. “She revealed secrets and scandals about each and every member of the Kardashians, which no one outside the family knows about.” “If he did a tell-all it could make him millions,” it concluded. 

Well, maybe this is the reason why Kylie and Tyga have some relationship issues and the rapper has moved out of her house. Furthermore, it has been claimed that the case is so serious for the Kardashians that Kris has taken the matter into hands. She allegedly warned Kylie that Tyga is capable of making everything private and asked her to stop revealing things to the rapper. 

Gossip Cop dismissed the claims, saying that the report was totally untrue. However, the Kardashian-Jenner family has not officially talked about the rumors yet. If the story turns out being true after all and Tyga has some secrets to share about the famous family, such a book would surely be a success. 

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