Tyga May be Arrested for Debt

Things are not looking well for famous rapper Tyga, who may be arrested for his debt. The rapper allegedly owes USD 480,000 to a former landlord, who is not happy at all that the rapper used his money to purchase an impressive vehicle for his girlfriend, Kylie. Tyga is known to have purchased a USD 200,000 Mercedes-Maybach as a birthday gift for his famous girlfriend. 

The news was first reported by TMZ, which claimed that an arrest warrant was issued for Tyga in California. The arrest warrant was actually issued after the star failed to make a court appearance for questioning in relation to the owed money. Tyga allegedly stayed at a Malibu home, but left serious damage to the property and failed to pay for rent. 

Of course, Tyga should have paid the landlord first and then make new investments. But, the star decided to use his money to buy Kylie Jenner an impressive present for her birthday. Of course, Tyga managed to impress everyone when he purchased a Mercedes-Maybach for her 19th birthday. Furthermore, even though it has been widely known that Tyga has been dealing with financial problems, the rapper has never stopped living a lavish lifestyle. 

Well, Tyga’s problems with the law might not come well in the Kardashian-Jenner family, which is said to be very upset with the popular rapper. Some sources talking to TMZ claimed that the whole family called Tyga to blast him for being “super irresponsible and missing a court hearing.” It seems that the stars are afraid that Tyga’s troubles could harm the Kardashian brand. 

Tyga reportedly missed the court hearing because he was in Turks, where he celebrated alongside his girlfriend on her birthday. However, Tyga made sure to hire a lawyer to take care of the case and solve the allegations against him. Ever since Tyga and Kylie reconciled, it has been claimed that the rapper has been living in her home, as Kylie wanted to help him solve his financial issues. Well, it surely seems that Tyga is far away from achieving that goal. 

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