Tyga Cries about Relationship with Kylie Jenner

Things do not seem to get better between Tyga and Kylie Jenner. In fact, it seems that the famous rapper is very unhappy that he and the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star are not able to make things work. According to one insider, Tyga actually “broke down in tears” while trying to repair his relationship with Kylie. 

The source revealed that for the famous rapper it actually was very hard to stay apart from Kylie, thus he “broke down in tears because of his uncertainty over whether they’ll make it for the long haul.” The source, who talked to Radar Online, also claimed that the rapper wanted Kylie to clarify things. “He broke down in tears and begged Kylie to tell him the truth about where they stand. Because he has no idea,” the insider said. 

“In the space of a week she’s dumped him, got back with him, told the world they’re getting married and then decided to ‘cool things off’ and threw him out of her house,” it went on to add. Well, the Radar Online report is not actually the only one saying that things are not working at all between Tyga and Kylie. Another report by OK! Magazine indicated that Tyga and Kylie were in such a bad state of their romance because the young reality show star caught her boyfriend flirting with another woman. 

Of course, the report indicated that things are getting worse between Kylie and Tyga because of this. An insider talking to OK claimed that Kylie actually found a series of messages on Tyga’s phone, a conversation with an aspiring model who is only 14 years old. In one of these messages, Tyga was allegedly trying to convince this girl to meet up with him. Well, as imagined, Kylie was extremely upset with the whole story. 

And that may not be all. Tyga is said to be financially dependent on Kylie, so another insider claimed that this is the reason why the rapper is scared that things will end between him and the star. Sources also said that Kylie’s sisters have asked Tyga to stay away from the star. These rumors have not been confirmed for now. 

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