Two More Women Launch Accusations against Bill Cosby

Two more women have now accused Bill Cosby of being a sexual predator. In fact, a number of women have accused the famous comedian of having inappropriate relationships with them. Now Angela Leslie and Renita Chaney Hill have joined this list. So, it seems that things are not looking well for the comedian and actually the accusations are becoming more and more serious. 

Angela Leslie claimed in an interview with the New York Daily News that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted her in a Los Angeles hotel, back in 1992. The woman claimed that Cosby made her massage his penis, while trying to drug her. 

According to Leslie, she was invited by Cosby into his hotel room, as she was an aspiring actress and she wanted to show the comedian she can really act. The woman claimed that Cosby sent her to the bathroom and when she returned to the room, she found the comedian naked, in the bed. He pulled her hand under the blankets and made her masturbate him. Leslie claimed that she was in shock when this all happened. 

“I felt so used,” she said. “I felt that he didn’t get what he wanted, and he threw me out. . . . He didn’t make me feel special in any way. He said, ‘Come here, put your hand here, do this.’ ” “I just feel he’s been too quiet, not saying anything, not apologizing,” the woman went on to explain. “He’s trying to pretend these girls are lying. It’s frustrating. He is that type of person, a predator. It doesn’t matter your age, he’s going to put his hands on you and degrade you.”

On the other hand, Renita Chaney Hill revealed that that she was in a relationship with the comedian, which lasted 4 years. She was just a teen back then. In fact, she claimed she was only 15 when she met Cosby for the first time. She revealed that she was drugged by the comedian, later waking up in his bed. In fact, she claimed that during their 4 year relationship, he constantly gave her drinks which most likely included drugs, as she always woke up with no knowledge of what had happened to her. 

Moreover, when she told Cosby that she didn’t want the drink, the comedian told her that they cannot see each other any longer. 

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